Norbert Schliewe and backstepvision
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A view of the world with the look of the visionary

Light illusion Machine

Expect the redesign of a visual articulation with the means of
a spectacular historic process

Witness the last analogue media adventure

Experience the


Anarchy of Retreat





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dear visitors

If you have seen me at work on any German street, it was in my capacity as a light illusion artist. As an enthusiastic representative of this stand, I welcome you ! To those, who visit this site on the basis of other circumstances, it has to be announced, that this project is reality. Everything you read and see within this presentation, is attached to the truth and disassociates itself from any deception intended. So let yourself be kidnapped into the world of light illusion with no doubt

Here you will gather all the information about the media art project the air above the toaster, which I am involved with for over 10 years and whose goal is nothing less than to create a new visual image of the world

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coming from another century...

The focus of the project is an apparatus built by me, with the ability to produce and store moving images in an unusual way.


It is based on two ingenious nineteenth century inventions: the forgotten Nipkow procedure, known as mechanical television and the process of needle-sound recording, which achieves sustained fame

Light illusion Machine
built 1995-99

The Light illusion Machine combines these spectacular ideas from the analogue age to form an abnormally mechanical "World Viewing Apparatus"

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back to top work in present times

The main idea of this project is to explore the unknown visual potential and aesthetic energy of the lost media from the backdrop of our modern times

Norbert Schliewe during a street performance
"Grid wall in a pedestrian zone"
Offenbach, April 2006

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soon in your city

Based on numerous test series, the Light illusion Machine wants to succeed in a peculiar new description of the observable world

Norbert Schliewe during the street performance
"twisted umbrella in front of basement window"
Berlin, September 2004

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or at a wall next door


Norbert Schliewe after the performance
Offenbach, April 2006

Norbert Schliewe during the performance
Kassel, August 2007 photo: Kruno_

The experiences and results of this journey are going to be proudly presented and explained on this website

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dear visitors

It is the purpose of this document to be both a current travelogue and project description. I hope very much that the character of my "way page" fits to this idea. It is however difficult to present the visual potential of this forgotten media on a web site. It would be great to welcome you personally at one of my performances to investigate the mysterious aura of light illusion. Current events will be announced on the start chapter

You are welcome to enjoy

the road and record project

the air above the toaster

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